BRING THE NOISE: Oregon Women’s Basketball x Allen Hall Advertising,
fall 21-spring 22

Role: Designer

After a year without live games, Matthew Knight Arena was waiting empty. We wanted to bring back the noise.  

Sleeves & CoastersTo encourage families in the larger Eugene area to come to the games, we distributed 9,000 coffee sleeves and 4,000 coasters to local coffee shops and pubs. For the design, I leaned into our theme of noise and our bold style to generate hype among our off-campus audience, and we included a QR code that linked right to a ticket page.
Sleeve locations: all UO campus coffee shops, Magpie Coffeeshop and The Washburn Café

Coaster locations: Bier Stein, Agate Alley, Beer Garden and Wild Duck Cafe

Graphic Assets
I designed these graphics to be used throughout the campaign, leaning into a playful style and our campaign's bold colors to channel the team's high energy and the noise they would create.


Our stairs installation was a central part of generating noise around the games. Located in the campus hub -- our student union -- you couldn't miss it.

Radio & Television

Alongside the visual elements of our campaign, we also created TV and Radio commercials inviting fans from Eugene and Portland to cheer on their Ducks.

the team //
art direction -- Micheal Lovett, Everett Biron, Connor Phillips
design -- Maggie Salter, Chloe Montague, Sebastian Healy

@ chloe montague 2023