BRAIN DAY is an ongoing project/creative playdate with my friend Samantha Joh. It’s an experiment in creating a collaborative workflow and continuing to create amongst the craziness of school + our jobs. 

“brain day” is what, for several years now, Samantha and I have called our joint creative time, the time we set aside to dive deep into our brains. We keep a joint doc with all our questions + ideas and act on them when we get the chance. We also post brain dumps and recaps of our creative process & photoshoots to our shared ig, @braindayyy.  

Last winter we created a zine and hosted a pop-up for our zine, collaborating with our friend’s cake business to curate a garden cake tasting event. 

ZINE !! 

DEC 2022 -- a recap of some of our convos and thinking over the term, made primarily over Zoom during a several-day sprint session (testing our creative process) 


we collaborated with our friend and local vegan cake business on a curated cake tasting + zine experience!


we also like to post recent shoots, thoughts, polls, & other things on our instagram

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