After my photography/graphic design internship at the 2022 World Athletics Championships it was my dream to make it to the 2023 Champs in Budapest. I got the most exciting email of my life last spring from World Athletics asking me to freelance for them there. Over the course of my two weeks in Budapest in August 2023 I shot & edited videos for the World Athletics Instagram (mainly BTS reels and interviews) and took a rare venture in front of the camera each day to co-host the WA Instagram Story with my incredible coworker. Between Marta and I we were responsible for everything IG Stories!

(the calm before the storm. Stadium walkaround, T-2 days til the action)


click for some favorites! mostly behind-the-scenes content for stories (shot/edited by me) and interviews (sometimes I’m on the mic, sometimes I’m the camera), plus examples of a Daily Face. 

pretended I was a journalist and not a camera shy + awkward creative... 
got some hand-modeling practice as our official microphone holder and question-asker (in this mixed-zone interview, we got the British team to sing!)
had some of the craziest eye bags of my life (immediately after posting this, got a text from my mom asking if I was making sure to sleep)...  
and shot + edited lots of athlete warm up reels for IG stories! (finally behind the camera + in my editing flow state!) 

(coming soon... I’m also putting together some more bts/vlog clips from Budapest, documenting some of me and Marta’s more dramatic/memorable/so-tired-we’re-delusional moments)

also got caught in some pretty crazy rainstorms. 

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