An ongoing passion project/question-asking process/creative playdate with my friend Samantha Joh. 

What happens if we give ourselves a couple hours every week or so to create something together?
This is kind of our response to how difficult it can be to find time to create. We keep a joint notes app
with all our creative question and ideas, and act on them whenever we get the chance between school
and work. We also post brain dumps on creative process to our ig, @chlonsambrain.

Sometimes this takes the form of a garage photoshoot
(Q: can we create our own photo backdrop with just the sheets and lighting
already available in the garage, and within the span of 45 minutes?)

Sometimes it’s us exploring with projectors (Q: what happens if we dance in
the projection of our favorite film?), sometimes it’s us asking questions on @chlonsambrain. (Q: Can an
instagram page serve to supplement our joint thinking process?)
Over winter break, it manifested into a zine!

scroll for some of the outcomes!

... some from the ig brain dump //

photo fun // 

tea // shoot film:

@ chloe montague 2023