DOWNPOUR: official poster for ASUO’s Spring Concert featuring Aminé!

BRING THE NOISE: 2021-22 campaign for University of Oregon Women’s Basketball through Allen Hall Advertising.

Lookbook: World Athletics Championships 2022

Made during my internship at worlds! This is a collection of photography and thoughts :)
a zine created for fun with my good friend and creative partner Samantha Joh in the caffeine- and free-time-laced depths of winter break -- a compilation of some of our thoughts, photography, and general creative brain activity.
An ongoing passion project/question-asking process/creative playdate with my friend Samantha Joh.
Made for my art direction class during winter 2023; this is a return to sketching and a practice in slowing down & occupying a space intentionally.
As Design Director for UO’s Envision Magazine, I’ve designed the layouts for three issues. More to come soon!
@ chloe montague 2023