The No Alternative Milk

Spec work for Silk, created for my Writing Design Concepts class. 

Plant milks are usually called “alternative milks,” but the alternative to them -- dairy -- has disastrous water pollution and greenhouse gas emission. Our planet cannot sustain us continuing to drink dairy milk. 

We’ve reached a point where plant milk can’t be an “alternative.” It has to be the only choice. 

Enter the No Alternative Milk -- a statement that leans into Silk’s origins as an environment-first company and encourages consumers to make the right choice for the planet. 

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No Alternative Fest 

an environment-first hybrid event hosted across local coffee shops, bookstores, bars and online, featuring alternative brands and artists, plant milk tasting, and other events. 

Hosted by Silk on the already-existing World Plant Milk Day, and involving other plant milk brands too, since changing the tide of the dairy industry is a joint effort.

Silk Stations 

refilling is the most sustainable milk packaging option. These can be placed near the milk section at grocery stores -- changing the look and feel of the milk section and bringing the conversation out of the case.

The No Alternative Hub.

A way to track your environmental footprint (compared to dairy) each time you purchase a carton of Silk (or refill at a refill station). Earn rewards as you lower your footprint, and get a free Silk refill bottle for refill stations.


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