Swiff Dreams

A tongue-in-cheek response to the problem with Swiffer: people just think of it as another boring cleaning appliance. 

Our approach? The beauty of Swiffer lies in its simplicity -- and its familiarity. So simple and familiar, in fact, that you can let your mind wander. People come up with their best ideas while showering. And... while Swiffering? We’re marketing Swiffer as the ultimate daydream machine: the cleaning tool that transports you somewhere else entirely. Cleaning should be an escape, not a chore.

The best part? The more you dream, the shinier your floors get. 

This was a one-off campaign created with Samantha Joh for our Ideasmithing class.

Swiffer users can send in the craziest things they dream 
a-la-Swiffer with the hashtag #andmyfloorisclean

writing, strategy & art direction: me + Samantha Joh

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